Pastor Biography

Keelan A. Atkinson is the Pastor/Teacher

of the

Word Fellowship Reformed Baptist Church


Pastor Atkinson preaches and teaches across the country and is always eager to share the good news of God’s free and sovereign grace. It is his belief, “We are going by the word or we are not going.” Salvation is only secured by the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Scripture Alone, by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, For God’s Glory Alone. Therefore it is for the Supremacy of Christ in all things.

   GOD be Praised for the Word!!!



Pastor Atkinson has been preaching for 24 years and is committed to verse by verse expositional preaching. He believes in rightly dividing the word of truth. He believes the scripture alone is our final rule of faith and practice. He has been a pastor for 21 years.

Pastor Atkinson did his undergraduate studies at Missouri Baptist University, where he received a B.A. in Religion, a B.A. in Biblical Languages, and a minor in Sociology. He received his Masters in Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary. He was appointed Devotional Leader of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. in 1999 by President, Dr. William J. Shaw. Pastor Atkinson was re-appointed as Devotional Leader 2009 by our New President Dr. Julius Scruggs. Pastor Atkinson is an instructor for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, he taught an advanced class called ‘Master Teachers’. This is a class that teaches teachers how to teach.

Pastor Atkinson served as an adjunct professor at Missouri Baptist University. He served as second-vice president of St. Louis Baptist Minister’s Union. He has taught in several state conventions and conferences across the country. In addition to his teaching accomplishments, he has preached outside the country at the East Caribbean Baptist Mission (ECBM) in Antigua & Barbuda.

Pastor Atkinson has been married to Brenda Atkinson for 23 years and they are the very grateful parents of a beautiful young lady named Kloe Bre Nai Atkinson. He is very thankful to God for his family for their love and support of his ministry.


Pastor and First Lady Atkinson